CompuPort Leading Edge Computers

CompuPort Leading Edge Computers



CompuPort started out in Ulladulla in 1994 under the company name of "Perfect Business Support Pty.Ltd.", the trading name of CompuPort was created as the original company name gave the impression that we only dealt with businesses and, while this was and still is an important part of our service, we support all computer users, as we say "from home users to the largest of business enterprises". Since its small beginnings CompuPort has continued to grow in both size and the range of services and products we offer. In 2006 CompuPort strengthened it's position as the local areas premium supplier in the computer arena by teaming with the Leading Edge Group and became known as CompuPort Leading Edge Computers. This fantastic partnership gives us the ability to offer the local area services and products previously only available in major metro areas. 

The Team

CompuPort has a highly trained team of computer specialists, we take great pride in not just being able to sell products but also offer the support of these products. We maintain a fully equipped workshop facility staffed by qualified technicians who are also able to offer mobile solutions to home and business customers. Ongoing certification and training ensures we are able to offer the highest standard of support which is backed-up by access to over one hundred Australia wide computer specialist outlets under the Leading Edge Computers banner. 
The Aim: Simply put, CompuPort was formed to provide the local area with local computer support and continue to do this. We will always strive for the best outcome for all of our clients and thank all of our customers, current and future, for their support.